Monthly Archives: November 2008


A mess of colors and textures in and around this pond on the Audubon Society grounds in Fairfield, CT.

Sun in the Park

The “aforementioned “: sunny day.

Painting in Central Park

It was the first nice day of 2006 and everyone was out in the park soaking up the rays. This painter was sitting just off the walkway so I leaned over behind her and took this quick photo as I walked by.


At the 2000 New York City Auto Show the Bat Mobile was by far the coolest car there.

In the Rain


Stone Wall Falling

Gravity doing its work, taking apart the wall, inch by inch, a stone at a time.

Looking Up

While hiking last fall in New Hampshire, I looked up.

Fire Escapes

Back to the right and down.

Building Blocks

Pan to the left from the previous Tudor City photo and you see this building.

Tudor City

Another Tudor City image.


The garden is already a memory, but in this close up you can still smell the earth, the tomato plants, the grass, and the flowers.

Not a perfect rose…

but how many are?


For a few days each year, the Japanese Maple out front turns a brilliant red, followed by a few more days of silver gray; then its leaves turn brown and start to fall off.


Bowing to the Giant Sculpture Creatures.

Kitty Car

Dan’s 1951 Chrysler Imperial. Holds your whole family and all your friends, is built like tank, always has a great view out the window, and comes with delicious hamburgers, chocolate shakes and rock-n-roll on the radio.

The View

Quite an awesome view from a hill on St. Maartin, but the drive up was a tad scary if I remember correctly. There was a narrow mountain road with trees hanging in the way; a long drop off visible out my passenger window; and my friend Tom, unaware of just how close to the edge […]

A new day


Inside a butterfly “farm”, there’s a beautiful shot everywhere you look.


Sitting at a beachside bar on St. Maartins, I turned around to see ‘Ski’ standing behind me, wearing some very cool shades; behind him the Atlantic Ocean. One of my best portraits.


Opening for a fashion show this lad was lit perfectly by the stage lighting.


Invasion of the Giant Abstract Sculpture Creatures!


Just finished watching that documentary about Annie Leibovitz and was inspired to attempt a portrait… Good thing I had a cute subject…


This bamboo was transplanted from Maryland, and only lasted a couple years here in New England. The texture and shapes of the leaves along with the contrast of the green against the white snow are what invite your eye.

The Village

The East Village in New York, sun setting, shot from up on a friend’s balcony.

In the Forest

Another fun hike in the woods behind my mom’s house. Nice light, the kid staring into the distance… Not sure what the big fella is working on…

Tudor City


An old-school style vignetted beach photo… Just imagine yourself there as a kid…


I love this photo, it’s her… and not her, at the same time…

Beautiful Old Guys

These guys where playing outside of the hotel we stayed at in Jamacia; they were fabulous, and a nice change from the constant Bob Marley (as much as I love his music).