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Love Locks

Flowers on the deck at night.

Winter Sunset in Somerville

Nighttime Neighborhood

The Magic Hour

Looking out my back door.

Smiliest Girl Ever – The kid 13 years ago

New Five Star Hotel

Real Trees and Digital Trees

Inside Eastern State Penitentiary

Door in D.C.

Graf in DC

Buddhas in the Window – Philly

Rodin – Detail from The Burghers of Calais – Philly


Red Leaves

Light House in Baddeck NS

Bike Bridge

Boston Harbor

3- Winter in Somerville 2015

2- Winter in Somerville 2015

1- Winter in Somerville 2015

Spring will come. Summer too.


Frida Kahlo

Stone of Hope


Glass Box Sphere

Dad’s Mug

Brooklyn Bridge