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Tron Legacy Rendering – Among other jazzes.

“When fixing Quorra, there was an element in the DNA interface called the Quorra Heart which looked like a lava lamp. I generated an isosurface from a perlin-noise volume, using the marching cubes function found in the Geometric Tools WildMagic API, a truly wonderful lib for coding biodigital jazz, among other jazzes.” Read on…

Theocratic rage in Kandahar

So wish I could write like Christopher Hitchens: “How dispiriting to see, once again, the footage of theocratic rage in Kandahar and Mazar-i-Sharif. The same old dreary formula: self-righteous frenzy married to a neurotic need to take offense; the easy resort to indiscriminate violence and cruelty; the promulgation of makeshift fatwas by mullahs on the […]

Starting over.

A new look, with new software… Still photography oriented; probably more updates from mobile devices. Still completely useless…